Yay! The holidays are here and it’s time to make the home feel cozy and festive. But as you go to retrieve your holiday decorations, you are struggling to find all of the boxes of decorations and your holiday gift wrap. Not to mention, maybe you have a few broken ornaments and tangled banners and Christmas lights in the mix. We’ve all been there! We want to help bring back the joy of holiday decorations so we have compiled our best tips and favorite products to make holiday organization a breeze.

The easiest and #1 way to organize holiday decor is into large totes and bins. We prefer consistent clear storage bins because they give you the most flexibility so if you need to add one more or take one away and use it for something else, you have that option. We have seen a lot of clients like to purchase a specific color for a specific holiday and that totally works too!

Let’s start with grouping and labeling. How specific your label is just depends on what goes into that bin! If you have certain decorations that you use in a certain place of the home or it’s all one set, it is probably best to label the holiday + location. For example, “Christmas – Upstairs Mantle” or “Christmas – Nativity Set.” Once you have all of the labeling set, make sure that you have each holiday in its own zone so that all of the Christmas bins are together, Halloween is all together, etc. Some of our favorite label makers are linked below.


Gift wrapping can be organized in so many ways depending on the type of space you have. You could use a closet-hanging organizer, a rolling cart with inserts, a storage bag, or even install a gift wrap holder on your wall. If possible, we always recommend separating out Christmas gift wrapping from your regular gift wrapping so it’s more categorized and you can put your Christmas gift wrap in a separate space for the one time of year that you pull it out. <


When it comes to organizing ornaments, it’s important that they are well protected to prevent breaking. Our biggest tip is to make sure to purchase an ornament organizer that can be adjusted for when you have odd-shaped, long, or large ornaments to store. You can utilize an independent ornament organizer that is its own container, or you could use inserts inside of a regular clear storage bin. Do what’s best for your organization space!


We can most likely all relate to the fact that it’s always a headache to get a Christmas tree back into the box it came in. It almost never fits and you end up with a torn up box mess! For this reason, a heavy duty Christmas tree bag is the best option for storage. They come with easy carrying handles or you could even try an up-right storage bag instead.


One of the more awkward items to store are wreaths. Our favorite and most versatile way to organize these is using a fabric bag organizer and hang using a nail on the wall. This way, you can take advantage of wasted wall space and have it up and out of the way. If you don’t want to damage your walls with a nail, a simple command hook works great too. If you have room to store the wreath and the right size of wreath, we love these hard plastic organizers. <


Tangled Christmas lights are everyone’s worst nightmare, which is why having proper storage organization is essential! Find a storage bin that has an insert for wrapping the lights around to keep everything untangled and easy to put up year after year. <


A simple and budget-friendly trick to storing a holiday banner is to cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle and then cut a slit on each end. You will insert one end of the banner into the slit, wrap the entire garland around the length of the cardboard, and insert the final end of the banner into the second slit.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of holiday decor you have? We put together a blog post about How to Simplify Your Holiday Decor.