The holidays are approaching, which means festivities and celebrations are in full swing! With that comes sprucing up our home decor, bringing back holiday traditions, and making our homes feel more festive. As professional organizers in Utah, we get to organize A LOT of holiday storage bins each year and we find that they tend to take up A LOT of space for something that only gets used once each year. For that reason, we have a few tips to help you simplify your holiday decor so there’s less that you have to find room to store, with the same amount of cheer!


As you are pulling your holiday bins out to decorate, be mindful of any decorations you didn’t put up last year or aren’t wanting to put up this year. It’s natural for our styles to change and if you aren’t using items annually, it’s likely you won’t use them again next year or the year after that. Be sure to purge and donate your decorations BEFORE the holiday if possible, so another family can enjoy them in their home!


Red and green are definitely colors that scream Christmas, but if you want your decorations to be applicable outside of December, then neutral is the way to go!

Golds, whites, woods, silvers, and black décor pieces can live beyond Christmas and can work through winter plus other holidays. A wood bead garland can be used for almost every holiday or even everyday home decor! Gold candle holders look amazing as centerpieces year round, simply swap the candles for a different color if you want to add a little extra. Faux trees and cypress wreaths are perfect for both Christmas and neutral winter décor.

The more you go for neutral, the less limited you are through the holidays.


Reduce the clutter in your home with something you can reuse year round! The more multi-purpose the decorations are, the less you have to store. Try swapping fun designs in your photo frames or feature your kid’s seasonal artwork in these hinged frames. Another idea is to have a  letterboard that you can update with a fun message or saying. You can do this for holidays and birthdays! It’s an easy way to stay festive without accumulating the extra stuff.

We hope these 3 simple tips will help you simplify your holiday decor and feel less overwhelmed through the holiday seasons!