Looking to spruce up your Christmas Presents? We rounded up some fun tutorials and 5 creative ways to help your gifts stand out during the holiday season. 

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1. Make custom gift tag ornaments

We saw this idea on Instagram from the creator Kylie Katich and it’s so cute! She used a cricket to print out names and put them on these clear ornaments to create custom gift tags. Here is her tutorial on how she did it! We will definitely be making these this year.

2. Top your presents with a bow

There are so many different ways to add a ribbon to your gifts. Bows are in this year; we love how simple and elegant this bow looks on the gift. Here is a tutorial on how to create this simple yet adorable bow. 

3. Ribbon Tree

This Ribbon Tree is another fun way to use ribbons to decorate your gifts. We love this idea from BritandCo! All you need for this tutorial is hot glue and a ribbon. We suggest this very cute and affordable velvet ribbon from Amazon. It’s such an easy and fun way to wrap your gifts. 

4. Use the Pocket Fold

Have you seen the pocket fold? In the pocket, you can put gift tags, ribbons, or garlands for further decoration. It is surprisingly easy to do. Here is our tutorial on how to wrap your gifts like this! Looks too daunting? We offer gift-wrapping services and can help! Click here to learn more about our gift-wrapping services. 

5. Make a pull tab

This pull tab is the perfect way to wrap any gift for your littles this Christmas. It makes it so easy to unwrap—all you have to do is pull! All you need for the pull tab is gift wrap, ribbon, and tape. Here is our tutorial on how to wrap your gifts with a pull tab. 

Now that you have the tutorials, you need the tools! Here are some of our favorite gift wrapping tools to make your endeavors even easier this year. The table clamps that hold the scotch tape are a personal favorite of ours!

Looking for cute wrapping paper? Here are some of our favorites. 

We hope you loved these tutorials. For organizing tips or tricks follow us on Instagram. If you want to make your holidays less stressful, hire us to wrap your gifts and/or to take down your holiday decorations in an organized fashion making it easier and less stressful to start your holidays next year. Click here to learn more about our holiday and gift wrapping services!