Creating an organized home doesn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavor. We compiled a list of 10 things that take under 10 minutes to help you organize your home. So let’s dive into these 10 tasks to help you have an organized home.

1. Clean Out a Drawer

Pick any drawer in your home and quickly assess its contents. We recommend the drawer that you throw all your junk into, but you can choose any drawer that needs a facelift. Remove items that no longer serve a purpose and neatly arrange what remains. To make this change last, add drawer organizers to the drawer. Not only will they make the drawer look more aesthetically pleasing, but it will make keeping the drawer organized moving forward easier.

2. Sort Your Mail

Take a moment to sort through your mail, discarding any junk, or any empty envelopes and organizing the rest. Create a designated spot for incoming mail to maintain an organized home environment.

3. Tidy Up Your Digital Workspace

Invest a few minutes to organize your digital workspace. Clear unnecessary files from your desktop and organize the rest into folders. If you use your phone more than your laptop, delete any old screenshots or duplicate photos on your phone. If you have an iPhone, they have an album for screenshots and duplicate photos, making erasing them very easy. A tidy digital space complements an organized home.

4. Label Your Pantry

Labeling is the key to keeping your home organized. Go through your pantry and label any bins or shelves. We have Custom Vinyl Labels that make labeling so easy. All you have to do is peel and stick. When everyone in your home can see where everything goes, it makes organization so much easier.

5. Jewelry Organization

Untangle necklaces, make sure your earrings all have their compliments and check your rings for any corruption. We recommend donating or tossing any jewelry you haven’t worn in a while, unless it’s expensive, or a family heirloom. This quick task brings order to your accessories and contributes to an organized home. If you’re looking for a way to keep your jewelry more organized, we love this stackable jewelry box from The Container Store. 

6. Organize Your Random Cords

Untangle and organize your power cords. Use simple cable organizers or even small rubber bands to keep them in check, preventing the frustration of a tangled mess. You can wrap them up and label them, or you can add them to an organizer like this, and label each section with what each cord goes to. 

7. Bag Declutter

Empty out your purse or bag, removing any unnecessary items. This brief purge ensures you only carry what you truly need, making finding your necessities much easier.

8. Bathroom Vanity Cleanup

Tidy up your bathroom vanity by putting away toiletries and wiping down surfaces. A clean bathroom adds a sense of calm to your daily routine and adds order to your home. Add drawer organizers to upgrade your bathroom organization.

9. Bookshelf Adjustment

Take a moment to align books to the front edge of the shelf and other items on your bookshelf. A quick adjustment can make your space look more organized and visually appealing, contributing to an organized home. We love organizing them by color, but you can organize them by author or genre too. 

10. Medicine Cabinet Maintenance

Open your medicine cabinet, discard expired medications, and organize the remaining items. This short task promotes a safer and more organized home environment. We love using these clear acrylic bins, so anyone in the home can see what’s inside and grab what they need. 

In just 10 minutes, you can make tangible progress toward achieving an organized home. Incorporate these simple tasks into your routine, and witness how small efforts lead to a more harmonious and organized living space. If you need product recommendations, check out our Like To Know It for all our favorite organizing products.