As the transition from winter to spring approaches, it’s time for spring cleaning. Before starting your spring cleaning, consider these four practical tasks that set the foundation for a more organized home. Let’s explore these essential steps, ensuring a pragmatic and effective approach to decluttering and revitalizing your living space.

1. Start by Decluttering

Before starting your spring cleaning, adopt a strategic approach to decluttering. Assess each room, identifying items that don’t belong in that space,  no longer serve a purpose or contribute to your organized home. Relocating, donating or discarding these items creates a clean canvas, setting the stage for a streamlined and functional living space. 

A few signs that it’s time to let go: 

  • You haven’t used or needed the item in the last 12 months 
  • You own multiples and it would take you several months or years to make it through your inventory
  • You forgot you owned it and didn’t notice its absence 
  • The item is broken, stained, or damaged in some way

To make decluttering easier, here is our free 7-day Decluttering Guide!

2. Edit Your Supplies for an Organized Home:

Edit your cleaning supplies. Go through your supplies and make sure you have what you need. Need inspiration? Here are some of our favorites.

3. Craft a Realistic Cleaning Schedule

Approach your spring cleaning with a realistic and organized mindset by crafting a detailed cleaning schedule. Break down tasks by room or specific areas, considering the time and effort required. This pragmatic approach not only expedites the cleaning process but also promotes the sustained organization of your home. Don’t know where to start? We love these free cleaning schedules from Homemakers.

4. Prepare Your Home For The Change In Season

Spring signals a shift in both weather and lifestyle. Swap out heavy winter items for lighter alternatives, reorganize storage spaces to ensure your holiday items are set up for success next season, and align your living environment with the freshness of the season. This intentional preparation complements the overarching goal of maintaining an organized home.

As you gear up for the practicality of spring cleaning, recognize that the journey toward an organized home begins with these five essential tasks. Strategic decluttering, efficient gathering of cleaning supplies, crafting a realistic cleaning schedule, and thoughtful seasonal preparation collectively contribute to the ongoing organization of your living space. Embrace these pragmatic steps, and witness not just a cleaner home, but one that embodies functionality, order, and ease throughout the changing seasons. Need more organizing tips? Check out our website for more details about our organizing services.