Being a new mom can be very overwhelming. There are so many new things you need to buy and bring into your home; and being a professional organizer I love a clean, clutter-free home. After all my baby showers, my home felt filled to the brim with items and it added to my stress. Then, once I brought my babies home, I felt like I didn’t need half of the things I had. So I am sharing some of my top baby products that you actually need, like memory boxes, an amazing diaper bag, and more! 

I did a lot of research to find the best diaper bag; I have twins so I wanted a lot of storage. By far my favorite diaper bag I found is the original diaper bag from Fawn Design. There is so much room in the bag, but more importantly, it has 6 interior and exterior pockets that help me keep everything organized. All the Fawn bags are premium diaper bags, so they won’t wear out easily or break! I can’t recommend their products enough. You can get the diaper bag I got here

These Mebie Babies knotted gowns are so cute! I have been changing a lot of diapers, and the knotted gowns have made diaper changes (especially at night) so easy! They also have organic cotton onesies, neutral designs, and other staples that you and your littles will love. The Daisy Dream knotted gown is a favorite and one I plan to put in their memory boxes as a keepsake. Use code nicandneat15 for 15% off! You can shop all of their collections here.

Our Kids’ Memory Boxes are the best way to keep all your child’s precious memories organized. My babies are newborns and I have already LOVED having their Memory Boxes as a system for their keepsakes. The first thing I put into them was their ultrasounds that I laminated with these laminating pouches

Want a tutorial on how I did it? Click here! In the box under the “pregnancy” category, I also have included copies of baby shower invitations, loving cards from friends & family, and memorabilia from the hospital. Memory Boxes are so easy to store and have eliminated some of the clutter in my home. Use code BLOG for 15% off a Kids’ Memory Box

My last and most used pick is this Amazon Diaper Caddy. It is affordable and perfect for any new mom. It makes diaper changes throughout the house easier, and as a twin mom that is so helpful. I love keeping this one in my family room so we can change diapers on the go and I use this one in their nursery at their diaper changing station. 

Here is everything I keep in my diaper caddy!

I hope these picks are helpful to you in your journey of motherhood! For me, having an organized home is a breath of fresh air on a chaotic day. We share organizing picks, tips, and tricks so follow us on Instagram for more organizing help!