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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and in our experience, this couldn’t ring more true. Kitchens and pantries are the highest-traffic areas of the home as it gets used by every person in the household several times a day. This is why organization is essential.

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The Kitchen You Deserve

Everyday dishes and silverware should be in an easy-to-reach place, while that Christmas dish you pull out once a year shouldn’t be taking up valuable “real estate.” When every item in the kitchen has its place and is laid out in a system, everyone in the home can independently maintain the space. 

Our team’s organization allows the ability for a multi-functional kitchen. Whether you need a command center, medicine cabinet, kids zone, or the ultimate spice organization– our services have you covered. When every item in the kitchen has its place and is laid out in a system, everyone in the home can independently maintain the space, prepare food, and host with ease.

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Making a pantry both functional and beautiful is one of our top skills here at Nice & Neat Homes. We truly want to bring out your style in the aesthetic, while making sure it works for your daily routine. We organize pantries of all shapes and sizes. Whatever challenges you have in the space, we guarantee we can solve it.

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our method

Easy Steps to a Nice & Neat
Kitchen & Pantry

Nice & Neat Homes isn’t just in the business of home organizing,
but the business of transforming Utah homes.

1. Remove all contents from the space

Empty out any drawers or shelves so we have a clean slate to work with. Vacuum and wipe all surfaces.

2. Categorize and sort

Separate out like-items into different categories so we have a clear perspective on contents. Identify duplicates, expired foods, or broken kitchen gadgets.

3. Keep, toss, or donate

Work with you to determine whether each item is a keep, something to toss in the garbage, or an item that can be donated.

4. Incorporate organizing product

Place organizing product that fits both the space and the contents. Containment is key!

5. Establish a system

Prioritize valuable real estate for most-used items and create a flow that optimizes the layout and functionality needs. Add a label to ensure long term success and familiarize you with the newly established system.

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TRansformed Kitchen & Pantry Spaces

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